BETA Delivers Safety & Sustainable Savings to Kahala Surf Corporation

REIDSVILLE, September 28, 2015 — BETA Fueling Systems recently delivered hydrant
refueling trucks to Kahala Surf Corporation in Honolulu, HI. These new and innovative trucks
are able to conduct the entire refueling operation with the chassis turned off. This is the first
hydrant truck in the United States that is able to fully refuel an aircraft without any power
required from the chassis.

“The real challenge for the design was to figure out how to operate a hydraulically driven lift
system up and down more than once with no power from the chassis,” Jon DeLine, President
and CEO of BETA Fueling Systems. “This project demonstrates that BETA can deliver new
technology to the industry with a level of reliability and support our customers have come to
expect from us.”

The hydrant refueling trucks went into service this year and they have performed very well
during peak hours for aviation traffic. They have proven to use less fuel and improve safety
below the airplane wing for operators and passengers since the vehicle is turned off during
fueling. The onboard touch screen allows the operator to record each step of the fueling
operation and the site to receive reports based on their own operational goals and metrics.
The level of diagnostics and training available through the touch screen saves money and
improves safety. The truck design also includes a retractable set of stairs to ensure personnel
can get out of a lift basket in an emergency.

The technology used for the new hydrant refueling trucks is one of the many advances
developed by BETA to bring aviation customers around the world safe, sustainable, and
reliable equipment.


For over 40 years, BETA Fueling Systems has led the aviation industry in the manufacture
of safe, reliable refueling equipment for world’s most demanding military and commercial
aviation customers. Every unit we manufacture begins with a confirmed understanding of our
customer’s technical requirements, operational objectives, and delivery expectations that are
mission-critical to success. Our LEAN, cellular manufacturing processes ensure adherence
to those standards and result in the final product being built with engineered precision and
delivered on-time under the most demanding requirements.

Press Contact: Jon DeLine, President & CEO
Direct: 336.342.0306 x 322