BETA Fueling Systems Releases Top-of-the-Line 5K Aircraft Refueler

5K Aircraft Refueler | BETA Fueling Systems

New Truck will be Unveiled at International Airport Ground Support Equipment Expo

BETA Fueling Systems, the industry leader in aviation fueling, will soon release its latest innovation, a new 5K Refueler.

The Refueler is more durable and reliable than others in the industry, said Mike D’Angelo, BETA’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“The BETA team has worked really hard to design and deliver a new 5K Refueler,” D’Angelo said. “We took the time to perform design reviews with experts in the industry and listened to our customers’ feedback, which enabled us to improve and develop a product that we believe customers will value.”

BETA will officially unveil the new Refueler at the International Airport Ground Support Equipment Expo in Las Vegas October 2-4.

For over 45 years, BETA Fueling Systems has led the aviation industry in manufacturing safe, reliable refueling equipment for some of the world’s most demanding commercial and military aviation customers. Clients include Air BP, ExxonMobil, Delta Airlines, and the U.S. Army and Navy.

From their headquarters in Reidsville, N.C., BETA provides everything from refuelers to hydrant trucks, hydrant carts, refueling modules and spare parts, all delivered with quick-response customer service.

The new 5K Refueler will feature BETA’s engineered frame made with aluminum for lighter weight. Tanks come in aluminum or stainless steel or a combination of the two and are stronger than other designs and will not corrode.

The side modules are designed to provide maximum protection from impact using a narrower chassis and flexible joints to protect the pipework and valves.

BETA sought to create top-of-the-line modularity with the new design. Individual control and filter modules mount directly onto the chassis rather than a sub frame, which allows for replacement or maintenance without having to disassemble the frame. Also, the control panel is mounted to the module frame instead of the chassis for easier access.

The 5K Refueler comes standard with BETA’s unique all-aluminum filter vessel, which does not require epoxy so no future maintenance is needed. It also features an underwing hose reel with electric rewind; a single foot valve for simplicity and ease of maintenance; and more durable stainless steel pipework.

Optional features include Aljac and recovery tank for fuel sampling, a stainless steel bolstered tank and upgraded tank suspension for easier access to fuel lines and valves, tank soffit to prevent ice build-up and a second hose reel to allow for metering fuel into each wing.

Soon, BETA will add its new design to their entire line of refuelers from their 3K to 10K.

For now, they are excited to show off the new 5K at the expo in Las Vegas. A digital representation will showcase the refueler’s unique design.

“We want to release this product at the International Airport Ground Support Equipment Expo to show new and existing customers that we are continuing to push ourselves to create the best possible products to meet the needs of the refueling industry,” D’Angelo said.

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