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We are going to give you the most reliable configurations for your application. We have experience in applications commercial, military, and mobile fuel applications. BETA utilizes multiple hose reel solution focusing on the advantages of AH hose reel. This includes aluminum simple operation minimal parts. Designed with fuels and mobile use in mind. Multiple types of reels available.


  • From single wrap, Catherine style, drum style.
  • Flow Rates
  • Diameters
  • Length
  • Drive Type
  • Product

The hub is made of aluminum and suitable for a nominal pressure of PN 10 (max permitted testing pressure for the hoses 21 BAR). The integrated drive can be installed and removed when the hose is coiled. No additional space is required for the drive, as it located above or below the inlet bend. The direction of rotation can be easily reversed by installing the outlet bend in the opposite direction and replacing the drive motor. In order to avoid electrical charge, the hose reel is electrically conductive from the inlet to the outlet elbow.


  • Alfons Haar
  • Reelcraft
  • Hannay

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